We welcome those who seek to thank God, those seeking God, or those who carry doubts or big unanswered questions about God.

from the street  We welcome old, young, infants, teens, career set, career building, career seeking, retired or just tired, those needing a church, those wanting purpose or have lost purpose.                                                               We welcome those who are single, coupled, married, or used-to-be.                                                                           We welcome those who have been in other traditions, and those who haven’t been to church since childhood or have never been in church.  

Worship Services

9/4/16    Worship Service / Holy Communion    9:00 am

9/11/16   Rally Day    9:30 am

                  Lord’s Day Service    10:45 am

9/18/16   Day Spring Service w/ Stepping Stones    8:15 am

                   Sunday School    9:30 am

                   Lord’s Day Service w/ Stepping Stones    10:45 am

9/25/16   Day Spring Service w/ Stepping Stones    8:15 am

                   Sunday School    9:30 am

                   Lord’s Day Service w/ Stepping Stones    10:45 am


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