Experience holy.  Live sacred.

“To believe is to care.  To care is to do!”

Live your faith.   Love your community.  Heal the world.

This is how the UCC expresses Christian love.


(click on the image to learn of the StillSpeaking God)




Need Prayer?

St. Thomas’  prayer ministry is one of our busiest ministries!

Our 40 prayer partners are asked to lift  intercessions sometimes two or three times a week.

Need prayer?  Call or drop a note.


card ministry

Card Ministry

The Card Ministry meets the 3rd Sunday of the month at Noon in Fellowship Halls. 

 Drop in and join us for lunch and fellowship as we create warm greetings for our members at home and away from home, serving in the military.


What language does God speak?   Click here on the picture…

language of God

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