Covenant Partnership (Membership)



What is a covenant partner?

Since the day of  Pentecost, God gathers and gifts those who believe in Christ and seek  to do Christ’s work.  

With mutual agreement in covenant, we partner with one another to profess Good News,  healing touch, and faithful witness.


 How do I become a member?

First, come worship with us a while.   Experience our congregational life and practice of faith.    We believe God’s Spirit will let you know when you are ready to share the witness and to covenant with us in the journey of faith.   We will not pressure you but we will be delighted to hear how  God is working in your life.

Then, speak a word to the Pastor or one of our elders.   Sometimes conversations are part of the preparation.  Sometimes,  guided learning helps prepare for learning, professing and sharing the witness of the Good News.

And then, there’s celebration!   In the context of worship, we make our covenant of faith in partnership together.  And if you’ve not been baptized, we will prepare with you for that, too.

After that, watch out!  God uses those whom God chooses!

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