Church with buggies2

 Welcome to the


   St. Thomas United Church of Christ

 (formerly Wenrich’s German Reformed and Lutheran)


Church by Judy Schaefer (color closer to original)

We’ve existed since the early 1700s and we’ve been known under the names of Wenrich’s and Mt. Zion and St. Thomas.  To read about our history, follow the links below.   We hope the items are helpful and interesting.   Please contact us if there are other items that you would like to see.  The Chair of the church’s History Preservation Committee can be reached at kgifford10@verizon.net.



Links to Our History

history of the church

our pastors – past and present

John Winebrenner/Church of God

our churchyard/cemetery

tales of the 1700s and 1800s

tales of a native American “princess”

local history

Speaking of history, click on the picture to see what bounced the UCC Good News to national attention…


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