Dan Schmidt

The Rev. Daniel Schmidt

became interim pastor of St. Thomas in November, 2015.   A graduate of Wheaton College, Trinity International University, and Princeton Theological Seminary, he has previously pastored at Countryside Fellowship Church (founding pastor), Savage, MD; San Marcos Church, Santiago, Chile; Escazu Christian Fellowship, Costa Rica; Beach Church (founding pastor), Costa Rica; and Tabor Church, Lebanon, PA. He is an adjunct professor at Messiah College, Grantham, PA and an author of fiction, non-fiction and collaborative works. His website is http://toucanic.net/ where you can find additional information about his experiences and interests.

EMAIL:  pastor@stthomasucclinglestown.org


Betsy 2016 cropped (381x640)

Betsy Smith has been music director and organist since 1999.




Adina Papinchak, church secretary

Barry Walmer, maintenance engineer.

Bridget Glazewski, sexton.

Consistory Officers

Kevin Smith, President

Connie Stackhouse, Vice President

Patti Hanawalt, Secretary

Elders (chair):  Patti Hanawalt

Deacons (chair): Joni Wright

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