Tales of a Native American “princess”


She died on August 24, 1939, and she’s buried in Wenrich’s Cemetery.  Known as Mary Greene, Mary Redd, Mary Taylor, White Feather, and Eagle Feather, the stories say that she was an American Native princess, a Sioux from the Dakota territory, taken from the arms of her dead mother, Prairie Flower, after a massacre by the American government.  The story continues that her Eagle_Feather web very smallsecond cousin was Chief Sitting Bull and her uncle was Chief Iron Tail, one of the models for the face on the Indian head nickel.  As a youth she was sent to the Carlisle Indian School and after that she never left central Pennsylvania.  She was at the school at the same time as the athlete, Jim Thorpe.  Her first husband was Charles Alexander Redd.  Her second husband was Carl C. Taylor, also known as Running Wolf, an Apache.  She was not a member of Wenrich’s Church, but her burial was in the cemetery.  Her funeral was attended by many Native Americans.


The church archives include more pictures and information.

her funeral pictures

her obituaries




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