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Can we have our children baptized at St. Thomas?

Pastor baptizing

St. Thomas has been honored and overjoyed to celebrate the  baptism of children whose parents may not be covenant members of the congregation.

The baptism of infants and children marks their inclusion in the community of faith and celebrate’s Christ’s claim of love.  We believe the community of believers is part of the living body of Christ, and thus we welcome parents and children to be involved in that community.

The pastor welcomes inquiries and conversations.


Weddings at St. Thomas

wedding rings

Weddings at St. Thomas are performed by its minister, dependent upon availability of the sanctuary.

The church’s fee is  $650.  This includes the services of the pastor,  organist,  sexton and sanctuary.   A deposit of $100 is asked to secure the wedding date.

Arrangement can be made with the pastor and will include several conversations.    It is helpful to arrange weddings  a year or more in advance of the ceremony and to confirm your date with the church before other contracts are signed.

After several good and honest congregation-wide discussions in the summer of 2014, St. Thomas’ Consistory moved to open our wedding policy to include same gender weddings.

We considered the witness of the United Church of Christ, shared theological reflections and changes in state law.   Participants overwhelmingly expressed strong support for the change.

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